Section V: Technical Environments (Version Use and OS)

The Survey included two sets of questions related to the technical environments, collections, and hardware used by respondents for Greenstone-related work. The first set was asked of all respondents and covered aspects of Greenstone use such as what version(s) of Greenstone the respondents used and what operating systems Greenstone was installed on. The second set of questions was presented only to respondents who indicated that they build digital library collections with Greenstone. Characteristics of collection content, primary audiences, and access provision were the primary focus of the second set of questions. Results from the first set of questions are presented below; and those from the second set are presented at Section VI: Collections and Audiences.

Greenstone Versions

Fifty-six respondents indicated what version of Greenstone s/he uses. Most respondents (87.5%) exclusively use Greenstone 2. Several (5 respondents; 8.9%) use Greenstone 3; and two (3.6%) use both Greenstone versions. We were not able to include several responses in this analysis because the response was either at a level that was not specific enough to indicate which major version of Greenstone the respondent uses (1 respondent), because the respondent did not know the version number because the system was set up by a third party (2 respondents). Some other respondents indicated that they did not know the version number but did not provide a reason. Most respondents (51; 86.4%; N=59) use one release version of Greenstone. Eight (13.6%) indicated that they use multiple Greenstone versions or release versions.

Regarding the recency of Greenstone 2 release versions used, approximately 87.7% of the systems in use were one of the three most recent releases at the time the respondent participated in the survey; and approximately 12.3% were older release versions (N=57). It should be noted that one participant indicated the use of a number of systems dating from up to four or five years prior in addition to a recent version. Only the named recent version and a count of one for older versions is considered in the figures above. The distribution of use across releases of Greenstone 2 at the time of the survey is illustrated in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Distribution of use of Greenstone 2 releases.
Distribution of use of Greenstone 2 releases

Operating Systems

Participants were asked to indicate the operating systems (OS) on which they had Greenstone running, and whether the installations were Production or Test systems. Seventy-seven respondents indicated at least one type of operating system with which Greenstone is used. Across respondents, a total of 157 installations types were recorded, including 93 production and 64 test OS/environment/respondent installations. Note that these figures include only unique combinations of test/production and OS type installations per respondent such that for each respondent, (a) whether a given OS is used in a production environment and (b) in a test environment was recorded. Whether there are multiple installations on a given OS in each type of environment was not recorded.

Of the 77 respondents, 12 (15.6%) indicated only test installations, 31 (40.3%) only production installations, and 34 (44.2%) both test and production installations. While overall, more respondents indicated they had Greenstone installed on a system with a Microsoft OS, a sizable proportion indicated use of Greenstone with a *NIX OS. Only a few respondents indicated they had installed Greenstone on a system with Mac OS 10. Table 1 below shows the proportion of respondents who indicated use of Greenstone with each type of operating system, and whether the installation is for test or production purposes.

Table 1. Operating Systems used with Greenstone. The proportion of respondents who indicated use of Greenstone with each type of OS is indicated.

  Percent of Respondents
Operating System (OS) Test Production Test AND Production Test OR Production
*NIX 29.9% 42.9% 18.2% 54.5%
Microsoft 40.3% 57.1% 20.8% 76.6%
Mac OS 10 3.9% 2.6% 1.3% 5.2%

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