Section VII: Developers

Respondents who develop Greenstone code or language interfaces were asked to describe the development work s/he had done according to which system component(s) his/her enhancement(s) were most closely related; the number of enhancements; and whether s/he had shared his/her enhancement. If the respondent had not shared the enhancement, s/he was asked why. Respondents were also asked what could be done to encourage strong and effective contributions.

Functional Categorizations of Development Work
Eighteen respondents answered at least one question in the series of questions targeted specifically at developers. When asked to which system components his/her development work was most closely related, “language-related public interface” (12 respondents; 66.7%) and “metadata” (10 respondents; 55.6%) were the most frequently indicated responses. Other components to which development by these respondents is related are: “Indexes” (4 respondents); “file import (e.g. plugin development)” (4 respondents); and “other public interface or display” (3 respondents). One respondent performed development work related to “configuration and customization”; and one an “independent data entry interface”.

Sharing Enhancements
Seventeen respondents indicated if they had shared his/her development work with the New Zealand Digital Library Team (NZDL) and/or others. Of these, 11 indicated s/he had shared development work related to one or more of his/her enhancements with the team either by sending information about the enhancement to the NZDL, submitting code to the NZDL, or both. Four respondents also indicated that s/he shared his/her development(s) with others outside his/her organization. Only one of these respondents had not also shared with the NZDL. Seven respondents indicated that s/he had not shared his/her enhancement with the NZDL. The most prevalent reason given for not sharing indicated was that the respondent was unsure of how to contribute (5 respondents). Four respondents indicated s/he had not shared one or more enhancements because development work had not yet been completed; three because of the time required to prepare the code for contributing; one because of the high degree of specialization of the work; and one because an existing solution was found before diffusing/sharing. One respondent suggested that more documentation should be provided to encourage strong and effective contributions by developers who are not formally members of the Greenstone team.


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