Section VIa: Collection Building

Respondents who build digital library collections with Greenstone were asked to rate the combined knowledge of Greenstone among those with whom they work to develop digital library collections along seven functional areas. Those who work alone were asked to rate their individual knowledge along the seven functional areas. A five point scale that ranged from 1=”Excellent” to 5=”Poor” was provided to accommodate rating. “Not Applicable” was also an available choice. The functional areas respondents were asked to consider are:

  1. System Installation;
  2. System Configuration;
  3. Collection Development;
  4. Metadata;
  5. Interface/Display Customization;
  6. Dissemination/Promotion of Digital Library Collections; and
  7. Project Management/Administration.

Overall, 69 respondents answered this question set. In the results presented here, “Not Applicable” answer choices are not considered. For all collection building functions identified, the mean answer choice fell between 2 (“Very Good”) and 3 (“Good”). Please see Table 1 and Figures 1-5 below for a summary of the results. The question text is presented with the figures.

Table 1. Respondent ratings of combined knowledge of Greenstone among those with whom (they) work to develop digital library collections. Respondents rated knowledge of the functional areas on a five point scale (1=Excellent; 2=Very Good; 3=Good; 4=Fair; 5=Poor). A “Not Applicable” answer choice was also available, but not used to calculate ratings presented in this table.

Measure of Central Tendency
Functional Area (N) Mean Standard Deviation Median Mode
System Installation (N=64) 2.52 1.168 2.0 2
System Configuration (N=65) 2.80 1.135 3.0 3
Collection Development (N=67) 2.43 1.048 2.0 2
Metadata (N=66) 2.44 1.125 2.0 2
Interface / Display Customization (N=65) 2.97 1.237 3.0 3
Dissemination / Promotion of DL Collections (N=62) 2.87 1.221 3.0 3
Project Management / Administration (N=64) 2.84 1.144 3.0 3

SET DIRECTIVE: Please rate the combined knowledge of Greenstone among those with whom you work to develop digital library collections with respect to the following functions. If you work alone, please rate your own knowledge.

Q1. System installation
Figure 1. Respondent ratings of system installation knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)ratings of knowledge of system installation

Q2. System configuration
Figure 2. Respondent ratings of system configuration knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)ratings of system configuration knowledge

Q3. Collection development
Figure 3. Respondent ratings of collection development knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)ratings of collection development knowledge.

Q4. Metadata
Figure 4. Respondent ratings of metadata knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)rating of metadata knowledge.

Q5. Interface / Display customization
Figure 5. Respondent ratings of interface/display customization knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)ratings of interface/display customization knowledge.

Q6. Dissemination / Promotion of digital library collections
Figure 6. Respondent ratings of dissemination/ promotion of digital library collections knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)rating of dissemination/promotion of digital libraries knowledge.

Q7. Project management / Administration
Figure 7. Respondent ratings of project management/administration knowledge.
Chart: Respondent (self-)rating of project management/administration knowledge.


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