Section I: Background Information

Four survey questions were asked to gather basic background information from respondents, including (1) the mode or context in which Greenstone is used; (2) self-assessment of Greenstone knowledge; (3) whether Greenstone was used in the context of an organization; and (4) geographical location. The questions regarding mode of use and organizational context served as mechanisms to determine what questions respondents would see in other parts of the survey. For example, a respondent who indicated that they did not use Greenstone in the context of an organization would not be presented with questions related to organization use of Greenstone.

Q1. Mode of use
Question: How do you use Greenstone Digital Library Software? (Please select all that apply.)
Total number of responses (N) = 118.

Answer Selection Freq. Percent
Develop digital library collections. 99 83.9%
Teach about digital libraries. 35 29.7%
Learn about digital libraries (as a student). 36 30.5%
Promote and/or disseminate Greenstone software. 29 24.6%
Provide support for others who use Greenstone. 35 29.7%
Develop language interfaces for Greenstone. 24 20.3%
Develop other code or functionality for Greenstone. 14 11.9%
Other. (Please specify.) 9 7.6%

Over half (freq=67; 56.8%) of the respondents indicated that they use Greenstone in multiple modes. The mean number of modes in which Greenstone was used was 2.38 (standard deviation = 1.689). Frequencies of the number of modes of use were as follows:

Modes Freq. Percent
1 51 43.2%
2 23 19.5%
3 20 16.9%
4 11 9.3%
5 4 3.4%
6 4 3.4%
7 5 4.2%

Q2. Self-assessment of knowledge of Greenstone

Question: Please rate your knowledge of Greenstone:
Total number of responses (N) = 118.

Answer Selection Freq. Percent
Expert 5 4.2%
Very Knowledgeable 18 15.3%
Knowledgeable 43 36.4%
Somewhat Knowledgeable 27 22.9%
Novice 25 21.2%

Bar Chart: Respondent self-assessment of knowledge of Greenstone.

Q3. Organizational Context
Question: . Do you work with Greenstone in the context of an organization?
Total number of responses (N) = 118.

Answer Selection Freq. Percent
Yes. 94 79.7%
No. 24 20.3%

Q4. Geographical Location
Geographical location information was collected based on both where the respondent works with Greenstone and where others whom they support are located. Here, we present data collected for where respondents are located grouped at a coarse level using the United Nations macro geographical (continental) regions. We plan to share finer-grained classifications of this data and data regarding the geographical distribution of those supported by Survey respondents in the future. Note that this was a free text response question.
Question: Where do you work with Greenstone?(Please select all that apply.)
Total number of responses (N) = 107.

Answer Classification Freq. Percent
Africa 19 16.1%
Americas 36 30.5%
Asia 29 24.6%
Europe 17 14.4%
Oceania 6 5.1%
No Response 11 9.3%

Bar Chart: Macro-geographical (continental) distribution of Survey respondents.


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